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    • Finance
      • You'll assimilate and analyze disparate information to improve processes and draw conclusions that have a direct impact on both company and our clients.
      • The work is hugely varied and you could be producing financial statements, reporting results, monitoring our compliance for regulators, stress testing our processes, assessing and managing risk, optimizing the firm's tax position or preparing the company's financial returns.
    • Risk Analysis
      • discuss use of the bank's capital, perform in-depth reviews of various clients across multiple industries, set strategies to reduce the firm's overall credit exposure and analyze credit risks on an industry, client and transactional basis.
      • Part of your role may also require you to create and consolidate reports for senior management, including monitoring market risk limits and then implementing new processes.
    • Technology
      • translate business and technical requirements into application modules.
      • Typically, concern with design and development of solutions, (generally Object Oriented design), but will also shape development best practice, possibly moving towards Continuous Integration Testing (CIT).
      • provide application support to resolve issues in an efficient and timely manner.
      • Your role may be involved in proactively identifying common root causes of issues to improve overall production stability and to develop appropriate tools to help monitor and remediate system faults.
      • The team is also involved in working with application vendors to schedule upgrades and enhancements and engaging with project teams to support the project life cycle.
    • Structuring Analysts
      • Help create customized investment strategies using conventional cash and derivative credit products.
      • You will learn to structure complex products in unique ways and will use creativity to come up with new products to match the needs of clients.
    • Trading Analysts
      • Help senior traders cover institutional accounts and make markets in your group's products in Commodity, Credit, Emerging Markets, Equity, Foreign Exchange or Rates.
      • You will help manage risk, liquidity and exposure
      • Support pre-trade analysis, research on index constituent changes, inbound and outbound trade processing and the design of optimal strategies for large trades.
    • Sales Analysts
      • You help maintain relationships with institutional investors and match our services and products to their needs.
      • You will work with Trading and Research teams to provide comprehensive client coverage, provide marketing ideas and help initiate transactions.
      • Sales Analysts are placed in a Commodity, Credit, Emerging Markets, Equity, Foreign Exchange, or Rates product group.
    • Research Analysts
      • Know the industry and its macroeconomic trends inside out, whether that sector is telecommunications or consumer products, heavy industry or retail.
      • You will work closely with a senior analyst to produce reports that assess the investment merits of first-time and existing issuers, provide ongoing assessments of trends in a given industry and identify investment opportunities in the secondary markets.
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